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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Fast in the Middle of the Night

Ah, yes, you struggled through 8+ hours of delivering your beautiful baby just to find out he’s a super cryer and doesn’t sleep. Likely, we’ve all been there. My newest edition was a MEGA cryer and non-sleeper his first month of life, so if these tips worked for him, I would hope that they could work for you!

BUT, before we get into these tips, I would like to share with you this baby sleep checklist to take the mental load off of you! With this checklist, you will barely have to think about your steps into getting your newborn to sleep.

get baby to sleep fast

1. White noise: if you already have a white noise machine, great! If not, there are many other ways to produce white noise such as, an app on your phone, YouTube, or even a fan.


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2. Lullaby music: Spotify has a great lullaby playlist that I use every day and it almost always works. My fiancé uses lullabies on YouTube, which also works.

new baby sleeping

3. Give your baby a bath & then combine tips 1 & 2: Giving your baby a bath will calm them down and make them sleepy. After his bath, and if you really want to see some magic, turn a fan on next to your newborn while he’s laying down and have lullabies playing at the same time. I do this and it works miracles!

Mom pushing her baby in a stroller.

4. Take your baby for a walk. Babies love being outside as long as it’s not too hot (generally, I won’t bring my newborn outside if it’s 80+ degrees if he’s <6 weeks). In addition, try taking your newborn for a drive in the car and crack their window an inch.

5. Make sure he’s full, burped, and dry. These might be obvious, but I sometimes find myself forgetting to check his diaper when he just won’t go to sleep. Once I do, I usually see that he secretly pooped within the last five minutes. The same with the burping- it’s easy to forget when you’re dead tired!


I truly hope these tips and tricks work for you! I know how frustrating it can be with a baby that just can’t seem to fall asleep. I hope I just made your life a little bit easier!

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