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Brand New Unique Girl Names {& their meanings!}

Searching for that perfect baby name for your new baby is SUPER exciting! For me, it was one of the most important things to do before the baby’s arrival.  I’m sure this isn’t your first list of beautiful baby girl names that you have looked through, and I get it! It can be so hard to pick a name that is very unique, yet powerful, especially if you have a strong-minded family (like me!). And it perfectly makes sense, I mean your baby WILL have to live with this name for the REST of their life (no pressure). So, of course you want a name that everyone will love. And as a new (or veteran) mom, there’s just so much stuff on your plate, so why not get a little help with picking the perfect name?

When I was deciding on that perfect name for my daughter (two whole years ago), I noticed that the names I loved the most were uncommon, powerful, and had beautiful meanings. I mean, who really wants a super USED name for their kid anyways?  Therefore, that is why I compiled this list of brand new and awesome uncommon girl names!

What are some beautiful, yet unique names for a baby girl?

Great question! Baby girls are born so innocent and pure, so when we think of a beautiful name for them, we tend to jump to “Grace” or “Faith,” but those names are slightly common nowadays, so we’ll have to sift through and find those BEAUTIFUL and unusual names.


Aileen is a twist off “Eileen,” means bright, shining light. I personally love this version! It’s cute and old-fashioned for a little girl.


Amara means grace, so, if you were in love with the name “Grace,” you can swap it out for a more unusual girl name. I really love this name!


Ahhh, I love this name. It’s so beautiful and I’ve never heard of anyone having it as a name. Aspen is a unisex name and means beautiful tree with heart-shaped leaves. Aspen is also a city in Colorado (where I lived for three years of my life), and it’s EXTREMELY beautiful there.


How pretty is this baby girl name?! Elizabella comes from the names “Elizabeth” and “Isabella,” and means beautiful. Perfect, amiright? If you named your child this, you could nickname her “Bella” or Liz” OR EVEN “Lisie!)


Another beauty of a name for a girl! Isla (iss-la) means island and is Scottish. You won’t find many Isla’s around the United States because it’s not a common name.


Having a baby girl that’s born in June? Well, here’s your chance to have the coolest baby ever by giving her the name Junia! Junia means born in June, as if you didn’t know that already.

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Kaia (Ky-a) means to rejoice and just rolls so easily off the tongue, right? If you’re looking for that cool, Hawiiaan name, this is the one!


If you are a musical family (like me) then Lyric will be the perfect name for your new baby girl. Lyric is a unisex name and means lyre.


Odelia will be your go to unique baby girl name if you are a religious family, as it means I will praise the Lord. Odelia sounds like a more rare form of “Ophelia,” which I really love.


Oooo, never heard of this name before? Me neither! But how beautiful is it?! Seraphina means fiery and ardent.


I don’t think I need to tell you what the name Spring means, but I think it’s really beautiful, and I believe others will, too!

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What are the TOP 10 most unusual girl names?

These ten baby girl names are SUPER DUPER uncommon and RARE. They are the most unique girl names in the world.

  1. Armelle
  2. Bronywn
  3. Camari
  4. Laken
  5. Naya
  6. Ophelia
  7. Sloan
  8. Tinley
  9. Waverly
  10. Zariah

What are some beautiful & unique girls’ names that are POWERFUL?

WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS! Of course most people want their daughter’s to have pretty and gorgeous names, but someday your daughter will grow up, and you’ll want them to send out the message that they’re POWERFUL and STRONG with just their name. So, within this list, you will find uncommon, pretty, and powerful girl names along with their strong meanings.


Valencia is pretty common in Spain, but here in the U.S., it’s strong and any girl with this name can take on the world! And what a coincidence that it actually means strong and brave!


Althea is a rather strange sounding baby girl name, but nonetheless, it is surely giving off that “power” vibe. Althea come from Greek mythology and means with healing power. 


Or “Isa” for a nickname, means strong-willed and is also SO beautiful.


Jaiyana is an Arabic name, which means strength. 


Yes, yes, and yes. Scarlett is such a strong sounding name (maybe because of Scarlett Johanson), and is equally as beautiful.


I love this name! Audelia is an English name and means strength and nobility. 


Or “Mia” for short, is soft, yet super powerful for a baby girl’s first name. Amelia is a German name and means work.


The name Irena comes all the way from the 8th century! How cool!!


This Latin baby girl name means  Christ’s birthday, Christmas Day. 


Kamala is a Hindu name and means a garden or pale red. 


Imara is a Swahili name that means firm and resolute. 


Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a boy’s name!” But it’s not! It’s like “Alex,” it is indeed unisex, and it’s POWERFUL as s*&^! Casey, believe it or not, means brave in battle, so don’t mind me while I name my next baby girl Casey!

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