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Seven Ways Being a Parent is Harder Than It’s Ever Been

Parenting has never been an easy task. It was hard back then and it’s even harder now. More and more is being put on parents that there now is a known health issue involving parents to be burnt out. And we’re all feeling it.

  1. Child care

The cost of day cares today are at an all-time high. Most parents are working just to pay for child care, which makes most of us feel like it’s not even worth working.

2. Supervision

When we were growing up, our parents used to let us roam the neighborhood at a young age unsupervised as long as we returned in time for dinner. My mom would also be able to go grocery shopping without us as long as we promised to lock the door behind her. Now, leaving your children unattended is frowned upon. However, I do remember a few close calls with creepy cars trying to stop to talk to me, which could be why things have changed in the supervising department. Also, my mother did leave me in the car while she shopped in the mall or Walmart, which is a HUGE no-no today for obvious reasons.

3. Anxiety

This is a big one for me because it hits home the most. I’ve never felt so much anxiety until I had kids. And it’s because the world has become such a terrible place that I become so worried about them whenever we are out in public. With all the constant school shootings and shootings just in general in the public, it’s hard not to be. Whenever I take my kids ANYWHERE in public, I am always looking for an easy exit in case. And I hate it. It’s the worst. I won’t even take my kids to the movies- heck, I won’t even go to the movies without them. My kids aren’t in school, yet, but I am dreading the day that I have to drop them off and tell the, “Everything’s going to be okay,” when I’m not even sure if it will be. It’s just one of those HUGE decisions that we need to make for our kids. And it SUCKS. And yes, I’ve contemplated home-schooling.


What a concern this has become for parents all over the world. Is my kid watching too much TV? Is he on the tablet for too long? Am I on my phone too much around them? These are questions we all ask ourselves and maybe even tried researching on the internet. Researchers say that children shouldn’t start using screens until they are two-years-old, and even then it should only be an hour a day or so. But damn, that’s hard to do. Like, it’s almost impossible to keep your kid from watching the TV, amiright? I mean, my kids watching the TV right now and she’s only 23 months. Back in the day, there weren’t any screens to worry about. Must’ve been nice.

5. Vaccinations

Preventable diseases we haven’t had to worry about in a LONG time are now back in full swing. Some people are choosing against vaccinations for their children, which is bringing back these diseases. Now, as parents, we have to be more careful where are kids are hanging out and playing. The stress is real.

6. Comparing Through Social Media

Sure, social media started off good. We were all able to keep in touch with distant family members and friends. However, it has become a dark place that can make you feel like sh*t pretty fast. We are so quick to judge nowadays, and there are a lot of parents out there that will mom-sham you over nothing. And we compare our lives to other parents that we see on social media. “Oh, wow, Topanga took her kids to Jamaica. They must all have such a great life. I wish I could give my kids that.”

7. Stay At Home Moms vs. Full-time Working Mom

Moms will get shamed no matter what they do. But one of the biggest controversies is what’s better for your children: Being a stay at home mom or working full-time to support your family? Some people will tell you that you do nothing all day as a SAHM, and others will say you’re missing out on your child’s life by working full-time. Honestly, it’s both difficult. There’s no right answer. And we’re never going to win with these people. So, just do what you want. Back in the day, women weren’t even allowed to work, so let’s just be happy that we have the option.


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