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To All the Moms Who Feel Like Giving Up Lately

It’s hard. I know it’s hard. Life itself is hard. Now throw a baby or babies into the picture and now you’re dealing with, what feels like, torture.

When did getting out of bed become such a struggle? Or even trying to remember the last time you laughed?

We’re starting to forget who we used to be before we had kids. We had so much fun and had many friends. Where did they all go? What happened to all the fun?

We’re running on little to no sleep. Between the night time feedings and the early wake-ups, it seems almost impossible these days to NOT feel tired. No matter how many cups of coffee we drink, we’re still hitting that constant brick wall of fatigue.

Our spouse is starting to sense something’s wrong, but we keep hitting them with the it’s fine. Even though it’s not. It’s not fine, we’re not fine.

For some of us, our children are the only things keeping us going nowadays.

We look at our kids and feel sorry for them. Sorry that they’re just at the beginning of life and have so far to go. They have to go through everything, just like we had to. But for what? To get to where we are now? Unhappy and wondering what’s the point?

We don’t want that for them.

We don’t want them to see us this way, but it’s so hard to keep them from seeing the truth. They see us crying and ask, “What’s wrong, Mama?” And maybe we’ll smile and assure them that nothing is wrong and they’ll believe us.

But we’re hurting, we’re hurting real bad.

BUT we’re not alone. We must always remember that there’s many women, maybe even some men, out there feeling this same exact way at this same exact moment.

This is something we can get through. Whether it’s reaching out to someone, maybe a therapist or someone that you know who is going through the same thing, working out, or whatever way you choose to healthily deal with this, it’s something we can ALL overcome.

Believe in yourself. Not just for your kids, but for yourself.

You can do this. You can raise your children to be great people.

There’s so much you will miss if you give up now.

Your kids are going to graduate high school and while they’re walking across that stage, they’re going to look for your face in the audience.

Your daughter’s going to walk down the aisle to marry her future husband and she’s going to be giving YOU that nervous, but beautiful smile.

Your children are going to have kids of their own one day and it’s going to be YOU they need advice from because they have no idea what they’re doing.

Won’t you regret it if you miss these things?

You will.

Give it a chance, and stay strong.

You are too important to leave us now. Your baby needs you. Your spouse needs you. This world needs you.

Trust me, you got this. You’ve already done such a great job. Your kids are sweet and loving, even on their worst days.

We were given such a special gift in life, and it’s something we sometimes take for granted.

We are important to this life. You are important to this life.

We must continue fighting.

Our kids believe in us too much not to.

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