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To The One Who Made Me An Aunt

I remember so clearly the day your mom told me she was having you. She was younger than the average first-time mom, but we were so excited for you to be a part of our family.

Unfortunately, by the time you were born, I was away, just starting out my military service. When your mother was going through labor, I wasn’t able to be contacted, as I was going through Basic Training and didn’t have any connection to the outside world, but I had a feeling she was having you.

And by the next week, I was receiving a letter from your Mom saying she had you! She said you both endured a hard delivery, but you were both so tough and made it through! And although I was going through the physically toughest 2 months I would ever have to endure, that week I was so happy just knowing you were finally in our world.

Later in that week, I was able to talk to your Mom over the phone for only a few minutes, possibly even seconds, but during that short phone call, I heard you in the background crying. And right then and there, my heart melted. I couldn’t wait to meet you.

And ever since that moment, you had me wrapped around your tiny finger.

You are so loved, little boy, probably more than you’ll ever know. You have touched so many hearts around you, and more than likely, you’ll continue to do so with every new person you meet down the road.

You are so so very special not just to our family, but to the world. You were our family’s first baby. You were mom’s first child, grandma’s first grandchild, and my first nephew.

You were the one who turned me into an Aunt, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

Through the past seven years, you have become my best friend, my children’s favorite person, and the funniest, lovable, not-so-little boy.

And before you get too big on all of us and are too cool hear it (you better never be too cool for me), I want you to know this: No matter who you want to be in this world, you will be perfect at it, and your whole family will support you with whatever dreams you want to achieve.

I promise to be your aunt, supporter, teacher, friend, and most importantly- I promise to always be there. I’ll always be here for you.

I hope I can be the one you run to when you feel like running away from home.

I hope to be the one you come to for advice when you don’t feel like talking to anyone else.

I hope to be the one you go to when you just need someone to listen.

Stay young as long as you can. Don’t rush to grow up— it’s just way more fun being a child.

I love you— Happy 7th Birthday!


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