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To the Parent Who is More Than Just the Provider

Some of us are lucky enough to have that person who provides for the family and does stuff to help around the house. For some of us, it’s ourselves making the money, for others it’s their significant other. Maybe it’s the both of you. But hey, no matter who it is, they should be more than the provider.

And if they are, then they should be treated as such.

They are so important to us and we haven’t even really noticed.

They are the dish washer when you just can’t wash another dish. 

They are the baby holder when you just can’t take it anymore because he cries every time you put him down.

They are the night time feeder because they know how important it is for you to get a full night’s rest. 

They are foot and back massager. 

The one who lets you cry on them after what felt like the worst day of your life. 

Even though they just spent the last nine hours on their feet, they are the kid bather so you can have 20 minutes of silence. 

They’re the cook and cleaner when you can’t do it anymore. 

They’re the “go take a shower, I’ll put the kids to bed.”

They’re the re-assurers, who let you know you’re doing a great job and nobody can do it better than you. 

They’re the glue that holds your family together.

And we must not take them for granted.

Because without them,

We wouldn’t get a full night’s rest. 
We wouldn’t have a proper dinner at the end of the day.
We wouldn’t get a break from doing the dishes.

And we wouldn’t have clean children or even clean selves.

Without them,
We could make it. But it would be damn hard. 

Cherish your other half if they’re, too, doing a great job. They deserve credit, just like you. 

And maybe at the end of the day, switch it up. Become to the re-assurer to them, pour them a glass of beer or wine, and tell them how proud of them you are.


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