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Why You Won’t See My Family In Matching Socks

To start this off, if you’re offended by someone being in mismatched socks then it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate some things. Who really cares what kind of socks someone is wearing? Most likely, you won’t even have to see them.

In my household, there’s four of us, and you can find many different types of socks. We have little baby socks, sport socks, no show socks, knee high socks, striped socks, s(t)ock(ing)s, the list goes on and on.

70% of the time, you won’t see myself nor my family in matching socks because, well, the washer and/or dryer ate them. The other sock just doesn’t exist anymore. I’m cheap. So, if I spent money on that sock, then I am definitely wearing said sock, regardless of your feelings towards my socks. I mean, socks are kind of expensive nowadays. Here’s something: If you are truly and utterly offended by my socks, then feel free to buy me a new pair. I will be grateful, but also excited to tell you three days later that one of those socks is missing.

Most days, I rush. I rush my two kids out the door by myself, which takes a lot of effort by the way, and in order to be on time, some things just need to be half-assed. I’m super sure that my kids would rather their sock situation be half-assed rather than their diapers and snacks. I mean, come on, priorities people.

According to the Huff Post, by not taking time out of your day to match your socks, you live longer essentially. Searching for a pair of matching socks or separating them when they come out of the dryer could take up to five minutes every week. By the time you reached 75 years old, that’s 2 weeks off your life. Yikes. So, who’s really messing up their life now?

Yeah, so, you might not be hiring me because I have mismatched socks on (which is ridiculous by the way, you shouldn’t be hiring people based off their appearance), but I’d rather not get that job anyways. Plus, I get two extra weeks with my children and grandchildren!

Isn’t it ridiculous that people care so much about how another person looks when it does not affect them whatsoever? Why would you want to live your life that way?

So, with this information do as you please, just please keep me out of your thoughts and prayers at night because you’re the one that’s going to need it, not me.

Life is too short. Don’t waste part of it matching your damn socks!

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