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A Day in the Life of a Toddler

Toddlers are a different type of species. One minute they’re the happiest they’ve ever been and the next, they are throwing the biggest tantrum yet.

We’re never really sure what they’re thinking.

Ever wonder what goes through your toddler’s mind? Well, today’s your lucky day!


Here’s a look inside the toddler’s mind:

2:30 am: AHHH! I heard a loud truck drive by. Scream until mommy or daddy comes to pick me up and then scream for one hour straight instead of going back to bed because now I’m too scared.

3:45 am: Ok, I guess I can go back to sleep now, but ONLY and I mean ONLY if I have ten books and 20 of my stuffed animals in my crib with me.

7:30 am: Weeee! I’m awake and my books and stuffed animals are in my crib. Play time! Ooo, here comes mommy!

7:31 am: Why is my mommy telling me I need to go back to bed? But I’m not tired, MOMMY I’m NOT Tired! I don’t want to go back to be- zZzzzZZ

9:30 am: *wakes up for a split second, rips diaper off, falls back to sleep*

10:00am: WHAT? WHERE AM I? Where’s my diaper? Ahh! I must cry until my mommy brings me downstairs.

10:01 am: Why does mommy seem annoyed at me? I don’t know how my diaper came off; it’s not my fault.

10:02 am: Ooo look at all my toys! There’s this one and that one – oo! and this one!

10:03 am: Why is my mommy saying it’s not play time? But I want to play!

10:10 am: Mommy keeps trying to make me eat breakfast. I told her I didn’t want to eat 100 times. Why do I have to keep saying it?

10:12am: I’m hungry, why hasn’t mommy given me food, yet? I must show her how hungry I am by whining and throwing a full blown temper tantrum until I get food.

10:13am: No! I don’t like hardboiled eggs and strawberries even though I have eaten them every morning for the past two weeks! I hate them!!

10:20 am: Mmm, I love hardboiled eggs and strawberries.

11:30 am: I need a drink, but I don’t want it in this cup. I’m going to throw it on the ground so that all the liquid spills onto the floor and then mommy will have to put my drink into a different cup. I will keep doing this until I get the cup I wanted.

11:35am: Turns out, I liked the first cup the best. Mommy really does know me.

1:00 pm: Here we go again. Mommy is trying to feed me something I don’t like. When will this women figure out what I like and don’t like!

2:30 pm: Yay! We’re going bye-bye! Mommy said we’re going bye-bye!! I  LOVE GOING BYE-BYE.

2:31 pm: What is taking mommy so long, I want to go bye-bye. Maybe if I pull on her shirt and whine it will make her go faster.

2:32pm: Mommy is taking FOREVER- Let’s go lady! Maybe if I pick up my infant brother and put him in his carseat myself we will be out the door faster..

2:45 pm: Ahh, I love being outside and when mommy takes me and brother for walks around the neighborhood.

2:55 pm: Ooo, look at those pretty flowers in that person’s yard. I want to pick those flowers. Why won’t mommy let me pick those flowers?

3:00 pm: I’m getting tired; I think I’ll take a quick a quick nap in my stroller.

3:10 pm: Why is mommy waking me up? I don’t want to get out of my stroller. Why is she bringing me upstairs?? I don’t want to go to bed- I’m wide awake, I want to play!

3:40 pm: I better make a little sound so mommy knows I’m not sleeping. It’s always a fun game making mommy wonder if I took a nap or not.

4:00 pm: I hear mommy coming up the stairs. I think it’s time to play again!! Yay, I’m so excited!

4:03 pm: No, mommy, I am NOT taking a nap- it’s over, just give up!! Take me downstairs now.

4:10 pm: Look at all my toys on the living room floor! I want to play with them all right now.

5:00 pm: I love my mommy- I’m going to give her a hug on her leg while she’s cooking us dinner.

5:27 pm: Hmmm, this looks weird, I’m not eating that. Another meal that I am going to refuse to eat.

5:30 pm: All I want is french fries.. What is so hard about french fries?!

5:40 pm: Yay! Fries!! I can’t wait to eat th- AHHHHH!!!! why is my brother sitting in my seat. I’m going to scream until mommy gets him out of my seat!!!

5:50 pm: Ok, I’m ready to eat my fries now. Yuuuummm numm num

6:20 pm: Where’s Dada? He should be home by now. I’m going to stand by the front door and every time I hear a sound I’m going to ask Mommy if Dada’s home.

7:00 pm: DADADAADA! He’s home!! Yay I’m so happy, now I can play all night with Dada.

7:10 pm: Dada look! Look at this!

7:11 pm: Dada look!

7:12 pm: Dada looook!

7:13 pm: Dada watch this.

7:15 pm: Look. look. look. look.

7:30 pm: oh mY GOSH! It’s bath time! I love bath time so so so much!!

7:35 pm: I love splashing water out of the tub so that Momma gets mad and tells me to stop. When she does that I just splash even more water out of the tub. It’s so fun.

7:50 pm: Ahh, that was fun. No no no I don’t want a diaper on. I’m going to run around the house naked so that Mommy and Daddy can’t catch me.

7:51 pm: They’re never going to catch me I’m too fast!!

7:52 pm: Oh man, they got me. I’ll just kick my feet so that they can’t put a diaper on me.

7:52:50 pm: I give up. Just get it over with.

8:01 pm: I’m feeling sleepy, I’m going to rub my eyes and show signs that I’m very tired and ready for bed.

8:05 pm: NO MOMMY! I’m NOT going to bed!

8:10 pm: Look at all my toys in my crib, I’m going to stay up all night and play with them.

8:11 pm: zzZZZZzzZZZ

2:30 am: AHHH! I heard a loud truck drive by. Scream until mommy or daddy comes to pick me up and then scream for one hour straight instead of going back to sleep because I was woken up.


In all seriousness, I love my toddler with all of my heart and enjoy all of these little crazy moments that she provides me with daily; no matter how frustrating they seem at the time.



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