being a girl mom

I Love Being a Girl Mom

What was your first thought when you found out you were having a baby girl?
More than likely it was how you were going to dress her up in cute little dresses and big bows, and play Barbies all day long.
You dreamed of “mommy and me” dates, where you and your girl would get manicures and then stop at a local cafe afterward for some donuts and juice boxes. You prepared for a little princess, as we all did. But being a girl mom is not all dolls and pink stuff. No, it’s even better.
Being a girl mom is giving away your last hair tie so her hair isn’t in her face.
Being a girl mom is watching the many, many tears all throughout life because, well, girls are very expressive of their feelings (& we love that about them).
Being a girl mom is getting to use nicknames like “babe,” and “baby” because why not?
Being a girl mom is listening to jibber-jabber non-stop because let’s face it, girlies like to talk (& we love listening).
Being a girl mom is hiding all your make-up because she will destroy it (we know this from experience).
Being a girl mom is watching her rip out her bows and hair clips milliseconds after you spent time putting them in.
Being a girl mom is watching as family members spoil her because she’s the only little girl in the family.
Being a girl mom is worrying if she will one day mimic how you treat yourself in the mirror because she literally copies everything you do.
Being a girl mom is wondering how you’ll someday tell her how women get treated differently in some parts of life.
Being a girl mom is teaching her the basic red flags to watch out for because you just never know.
Being a girl mom is watching as your wardrobe slowly (and slowly) disappears because apparently, your high-heels seem interesting.
Although it may seem it, being a girl mom is not dressing her up like a little princess.
Nope, not at all. Because she doesn’t even like wearing dresses anymore.
Being a girl mom is something greater than bows and barbies.
It’s watching your best friend grow up right in front of you.
And I’ll take that over anything every day.

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