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What I Want My Daughter to Know

This past week we celebrated “National Daughter’s Day” throughout the U.S. It made me take time to reflect on how important my daughter is to me.

She’s like no one you’ve ever met before. A true one-of-a-kind doll.

She’s funny and beautiful.

She’s smart and oh-so-joyous to be around.

Her laugh, even the fake one, is infectious.

She’s a sweet and caring sister to her baby brother.

She’s not much of an eater, but she’ll surprise you every once in a while.

She’s a future musician and soccer player. Or a future ballerina and softball player. Or all of the above.

That’s the thing, though. She’s everything she wants to be. She may be small, but what ever she wants, she goes after. I know that will continue through her youth and adult life.

Her brain is already so complex. I see herself getting frustrated not being able to communicate the way she wants to. But I think she is doing such a great job.

I’m so proud of her. And I’ll forever be her biggest fan.

She likes to throw her food on the ground and then make an even bigger mess by spreading it around with her hands and feet.

She likes to push buttons and test limits.

She loves animals, but doesn’t quite understand that she can be a little mean to them. But boy, does she love little furry creatures.

She loves her Daddy. She loves her Daddy so much, maybe even more than me. But that’s ok because her love is so strong and anyone that gets the chance to witness her love is the luckiest.

She copies everything she sees and hears.

She plays with her toys in such a creative way.

She will shock you.

That girl of mine.

She’s going to be one very important person when she grows up.

I could tell,

because she already is.


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