Strong, Unusual Boy Names That You Forgot About {Plus Their Meanings!}

Searching for that perfect baby name for your newborn is SO exciting! It may possibly be the most fun thing you do to prepare for your new baby. I’m sure this isn’t your first list of boy names that you have looked through, and I get it! It can be so hard to pick a name that is unique, but not weird, especially if you have a strong-minded family. And it perfectly makes sense, I mean your baby WILL have to live with this name for the REST of their life (no pressure).

Strong, Unusual Boy Names That You Forgot About {Plus Their Meanings!}

I find that the most amazing boy names are the ones that have been forgotten about, extinct even, but are still super handsome and strong. Just because a name is unique, doesn’t mean it can’t be cute!


What Are Some Cool, Unusual Names For A Boy?

If you’re like me, you’re going to be looking for that most unusual boy name that still sounds cool and isn’t weird in any way! I mean, who would want their kid to have a weird name anyway? Therefore, I made this list of cool and cute, unusual baby boy names that you can use on your newest edition!

  • Aldous- Yep, just like “Aldous Snow” from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The name Aldous is super classic and formal. Some may even call it sophisticated and upper class. Aldous gives off a medieval times vibe if you ask me, and I love it.
  • Berlin- As most of us know (I would hope), Berlin is a city in Germany. The name Berlin is both masculine and feminine, so it’s perfect if you’re unsure of the gender of your baby.
  • Cabe- The name Cabe is a spinoff of the more popular name, “Gabe.” If you’re an Office fan and you’re really not a fan of the character “Gabe” (I don’t blame you), but you love the name Gabe, Cabe the answer for you.
  • Cabot- The only known history behind the name Cabot is that an explorer had it as a last name in the 15th century. Also, apparently, there is a very famous family who lives in Massachusetts and go by the “Cabot family.” They’re also pretty powerful, whatever that means.
  • Griffith- Another last name being transformed into a first name, which I’m all about! The name Griffith is Welsh, and it hasn’t been used as a first name very much.
  • Hanan- By this point, you probably are thinking that I’m making these names up. BUT I’M REALLY NOT! Hanan is a biblical name, and in Hebrew it means “gracious.” Apparently, this name is popular in France, which is pretty interesting to me.
  • Hunt: The name Hunt is a variation of “Hunter.” Hunter is a very popular name in the United States right now, so, if you liked the name “Hunter,” but really were stuck on a more unique name, try out Hunt!
  • Jupiter: So, Jupiter is the name of a god in Roman mythology. But not only was he a god, he’s the SUPREME god. And of course, I’m sure we all know that planet in our solar system named Jupiter.
  • Keene: The name Keene is a variant of the name “Keen,” which has an Old English meaning of “brave, bold.”
  • Kelso: Kelso, the name of a very well-known character on “That 70’s Show,” really gives off that oldie, but goodie vibe. This name is Scottish, and means “chalk, ridge, spur.” I’m actually surprised that this name isn’t more popular, but it’s only ranked 4,096 out of over 160,000 names.
  • Lambert: First thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Lambert is: last name. I know a few people with this last name, including two celebrities, Adam Lambert and Miranda Lambert.
  • McGuire: Another last name, this time of Irish origin. This name means “pale-colored.”
  • Moss: The name Moss has a few different origins, including Welsh, English, Scottish, and Irish. This name was actually taken from the original name “Moses,” who appears in the Bible.
  • Osiris: Is it just me, or is Osiris the coolest name ever. I feel like if you have this name, you are just so powerful JUST FROM HAVING THE NAME. Osiris originated from Egyptian Mythology, where Osiris was the judge of the underworld and the god of the dead. So, I guess I’m not wrong about the whole “powerful” idea.
  • Park: This name is interesting, and I feel like to use this name on your baby, you have to be two parents who are down-to-earth, and just one with the environment. Park could also just be a nick name for “Patrick.”
  • Reynolds: Yes, like Ryan Reynolds, just without the Ryan. So, I read somewhere that the name Reynolds has only been used 14 times… so, if that’s not rare then I don’t know what is.
  • Sadler: Sadler is an Old English name, which means “saddle.” It actually has an occupational name of “maker of saddles. I mean, are you really shocked?
  • Spence: A spin off of “Spencer,” and some may even say this is a nickname for Spencer (and I’m sure it is).
  • Webster: Yes, like Webster’s Dictionary, which gives me the impression that the name Webster was popular or at least common back in the day (& I may be 100% wrong on that).
  • Yale: The name Yale is Welsh, and holds the meaning of “fertile upland.”
  • Zed: You may know of the famous DJ, Zedd, but our Zed is spelled with only one “d.” While some may see the name Zed as strange, it is actually a youthful, strong, and urban sounding name.
  • Zoran: This name is used in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia. That’s pretty interesting and fun!

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What Boy Names Have The Most Unique Meanings?

Is it too much to ask for a unique boy name with the same amount of rareness as the name’s meaning? Possibly so! However, I did find a list of uncommon boy names with interesting meanings.

  • Theodore (Teddy) means “Gift From God”
  • Anton, which comes from the more popular name Anthony, means “priceless one.”
  • Quentin. This is a somewhat creative name if you’re expecting your fifth child because it means .. drum roll please.. yep, you guessed it- “FIFTH!”
  • Patrick, which comes from the Latin origin means “nobleman,” and while I will agree with you that that meaning isn’t TOO interesting, it is interesting to note that Patrick has Irish roots and is in association with St. Patrick (you probably knew that, though, but maybe forgot?).
  • Rhett will surprise you all when it becomes obvious that he knows EVERYTHING. And it only makes sense since Rhett means “counsel, advice.”
  • Felix might remind you of a dog, at least if you’re me it will, but once you find out the meaning of Felix, your mind will be changed. Felix means “successful and lucky,” so BRB renaming my baby boy to Felix ASAP.
  • Jesse is such a throwback of a name, amiright? I almost wish I came across this name when I was searching for baby names for my boy because it just flows off the tongue and is so simple. The meaning is also just so so simple (in a great way of course or else I wouldn’t have included it in this list!). Jesse means “gift,” and believe me when I say, you WILL need to be reminded at some point that he is indeed a “gift.”
  • Wait, can this be it? A rare baby boy name that has a unique meaning to it? I THINK SO! Corbin means “raven,” and apparently, if your baby boy is born with dark hair color than this name is a MUST.


What Is The RAREST Name For A Boy?

You asked, I answered! This list of boy names are the rarest and most uncommon names out there right now, and I’m so excited about it. Don’t let this list fool you by thinking it will be the same as the extinct boy names’ list because there’s a BIG difference between names that aren’t used too often and names that just aren’t being used at all anymore! And let me just tell you, these following names I have NEVER heard before.

  • Esher
  • Beaudry
  • Fielder
  • Joen
  • Ridger
  • Tenneson
  • Cario
  • Enric
  • Geddy
  • Siler
  • Brennox
  • Caz (Ooo I have actually heard of this name and it was a nickname to “Cassidhe”)
  • Imre
  • Levyn
  • Zyrie


What Boy Names Went Extinct?

Here’s a list of name you have probably HAVE read before- a list of boy names that are no longer with us, meaning they are EXTINCT! What do I mean by this? By extinct boy names, I mean they used to exist, and maybe they were quite popular back in the day (AKA the 90’s), but they are no longer being used by current parents. Interesting, right? HERE WE GO.

  • Craig: The name Craig peaked in the 1960’s, and comes from the Gaelic surname “Creag.” Craig means “dweller by the crag,” whatever that means. 
  • Scott: When was the last time you met a person named Scott? I mean, really, think about it. It has probably been quite some time. The name Scott is of Irish origin and own the meaning of “an Irishman.” How unique.
  • Dean: OK, so the only Dean that I know is from a TV series, so does that even count!? The name Dean is of Dutch origin, and used to be used as a name you would call someone who lived close to a valley.
  • Curtis: Honestly, never even heard of this name until now. But, it’s super cute! This name is French and used to be used as a surname in addition to a first name. Back in the day, there was a term “curtis,” which meant someone was educated.
  • Shane: The Shane was quite common, but nowadays, people just aren’t interested in using it. This name can also be used for a girl, which I REALLY love! Another Irish name.
  • Jordan: Of course everyone’s first thought is the one, the only– Michael Jordan– and since the great’s success, this name has swept the nation. HOWEVER, it’s almost as if people just forgot this name existed! Where did all the Jordans go?!
  • Kieran: Another unisex name. The name Kieran is pretty unique sounding, and I don’t think I’ll have to do much convincing on how rare this name actually is.
  • Connor: The name Connor means “high, will, desire,” and is of Irish origin. It peaked in 2005, but since then has dwindled down so low it is now on this list of non existence.
  • Sean
  • Callum
  • Ashley
  • Shaun
  • Curtis
  • Andrew
  • Carl
  • Guy
  • Arnold
  • Leroy
  • Fabio
  • Marcos


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